2016 IMPAACT Annual Meeting Treatment Scientific Committee Presentations

Treatment Scientific Committee

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Welcome/Overview of Treatment Scientific Agenda

Elaine Abrams and Ted Ruel

Early Infant Treatment

The Present and Future of Early Infant Treatment (Contact IMPAACT Operations Center)

Martina Penazzato


Pharmacokinetics of Nevirapine for Prophylaxis in Premature/Low Birth Weight Infants in IMPAACT P1106 (Contact IMPAACT Operations Center)

Adrie Bekker

Modelled Treatment Dosing and Preliminary Pharmacokinetic and Safety Data from IMPAACT P1115 and BHP-074

Brookie Best

Nevirapine Dosing in High Risk Thai Infants (PHPT-5) (Contact IMPAACT Operations Center)

Tim R. Cressey


Neonatal Population Pharmacokinetic Data from IMPAACT P1097, P1110, and P1066 (Contact IMPAACT Operations Center)

Diana Clarke

Pharmacokinetics and Safety Data from IMPAACT P1110 Cohort 2, Infants Receiving Daily Dosing (Contact IMPAACT Operations Center)

Diana Clarke


Pregnancy/Washout Pharmacokinetic Data and Congenital Anomalies from IMPAACT P1026s (Contact IMPAACT Operations Center)

Mark Mirochnick

Dosing in IMPAACT P1093 Cohort III, Granules Among Children 2 to 6 years of age (Contact IMPAACT Operations Center)

Ted Ruel

Upcoming IMPAACT Treatment Studies


Paul Palumbo

New Lopinavir/Ritonavir Formulation (Contact IMPAACT Operations Center)

Marc Lallemant


Judy Currier

Discussion, Conclusions, and Next Steps

Elaine Abrams and Ted Ruel