IMPAACT Community Advisory Board (ICAB)

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The IMPAACT Community Advisory Board (ICAB) includes representatives from Asia, Africa, and the Americas and assists site CABS with capacity building, training, and development. The role of the ICAB is to provide HIV/AIDS life-experience based expertise that will positively impact the formulation and implementation of research by community representation at the network and cross-network levels.

The purpose of the ICAB as a collective is to ensure that the principles of community participation are the foundation of all community engagement activities at a clinical research site (CRS) and to facilitate community participation throughout the research process (concept development, study implementation, results dissemination and post-trial access to interventions that are found to be effective).

Image removed.IMPAACT CAB goals are to:
• Provide HIV/AIDs life-experience that will assist in the development and implementation of research.
• Develop ways to share challenges and solutions, best practices, experience and lessons learned.
• Build community capacity to provide input and support to the IMPAACT scientific agenda.
• Evaluate value and effectiveness of community at network, regional and site levels.

To learn more about the ICAB’s processes and structure, please click here for a PDF fact sheet.

For more information about the roles and responsibilities of the ICAB, click here for a PDF presentation.