The IMPAACT Tuberculosis Scientific Committee aims to evaluate novel approaches for TB prevention, treatment, and diagnosis in children, adolescents, and pregnant people living, and not living, with HIV. TB is a major cause of morbidity and mortality among HIV-infected pregnant women and children, and the diagnosis of TB in children is very difficult. Evaluation of new TB drugs and TB vaccines for PK, safety, dosing, and efficacy is lacking in these vulnerable populations as are accurate diagnostic tests for TB in children.


Priorities include evaluation of:

  • PK, safety and efficacy of new drugs and drug combinations to prevent and treat TB in HIV-infected and uninfected children, adolescents, and pregnant women.
  • Novel strategies for diagnosing TB in HIV-infected and uninfected children.
  • Novel vaccines for prevention of TB in HIV-infected and uninfected children.


TB Studies in Pregnant and Pediatric Populations


Committee Contacts

Chair: Anneke Hesseling
Vice Chair: Amita Gupta
Operations Center: Rachel ScheckterIris Mustich, and Stephanie Sivalingam



Studies Within This Research Area