HIV cure

The IMPAACT Therapeutics Scientific Committee aims to advance treatment during pregnancy and postpartum, aiming to optimize maternal and child health outcomes and accelerate the evaluation (pharmacokinetics (PK), safety, antiviral efficacy), licensure and optimal use of potent and durable ARVs and other therapeutics for pregnant people and infants, children, and adolescents with HIV and related diseases and conditions. 




Research priorities include:

  • Characterize the PK properties and dosing of ARVs and other medications and relevant drug-drug interactions (DDIs) during pregnancy and lactation. 
  • Evaluate novel prophylaxis regimens for infants born to people with HIV and other related diseases and conditions. 
  • Identify and rapidly evaluate the PK, safety, and antiviral efficacy of the most promising ARVs and other medications for treatment, accelerating licensure for pediatric populations living with HIV and other related diseases and conditions. 
  • Optimize the use of currently available ARVs in achieving virologic suppression among pediatric populations with ARV experience. 
  • Evaluate ARVs and other medications that address the specific needs of adolescents with HIV.

Learn more about the current portfolio and prior research from the Treatment Scientific Committee.

Committee Contacts

Chair: Ted Ruel
Vice Chair: Moherndran Archary
Operations Center: Katie McCarthy, Michael Whitton, Emily Brown



Up Next:

The IMPAACT Tuberculosis Scientific Committee aims to evaluate novel approaches for TB prevention, diagnosis and treatment in infants, children, adolescents and pregnant and postpartum women with and without HIV that will lead to optimal dosing and regimens, licensing and decreased morbidity and mortality.