Laboratory Committees

The Laboratory Committees play a vital role in the network and will be streamlined in the new IMPAACT Network. More information and updated webpages will be posted to this website when available.  If you have any questions, please contact

Laboratory Technologist Committee

The mission of the Laboratory Technologists Committee (LTC) is to foster standard laboratory-related procedures and support the successful implementation of the scientific agenda for the ACTG and IMPAACT networks. The LTC is comprised of representatives from the virology, immunology, and pharmacology laboratories, SDMC, FSTRF, DAIDS, and the Operations Center at FHI 360.


Mission Statement of the LTC

The LTC mission is to provide input for the standardization of laboratory related logistical processes and to ensure the successful implementation and completion of ACTG and IMPAACT scientific endeavors. The mission is accomplished by:

  • Collaborating with the ACTG and IMPAACT Executive Committee, Research Agenda Committees, Scientific Committees, Site Management Committee, and individual protocol teams in the laboratory aspects of protocols, including communication, management, and collection and processing of specimens and related data.
  • Serving as a resource to the NIAID/Division of AIDS, Statistical and Data Analysis Center, Data Management Center, the Operations Center, and the Clinical Site Monitoring Group.
  • Acting as a liaison between site personnel, laboratories, clinics, and the leadership of the ACTG and IMPAACT and its contractors as well as facilitating communication and networking among the laboratories, clinics and data management center.
  • Providing information and education for laboratory personnel in the areas of protocol implementation, collection and regular export of quality data, regulatory requirements, new procedures and policies.
  • Promoting uniform handling, processing, labeling, storage, and tracking of specimens (according to consensus procedures) across all clinical sites and laboratories.
  • Providing input and expertise for the development of consensus procedures. Maintaining a regularly updated laboratory manual of consensus procedures readily available for access by all ACTG/IMPAACT laboratories.
  • Serving as the laboratory technologist on protocol teams to assist in the development of the laboratory aspects of the protocol and to develop the Lab Processing Charts.
  • Provide training for ACTG/IMPAACT personnel in shipping and various ACTG/IMPAACT related laboratory assays.

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