Cure & Immunotherapy

HIV cure

The IMPAACT Cure & Immunotherapy Scientific Committee aims to evaluate the potential for ART-free HIV remission through therapeutic interventions aimed at prevention, clearance, and post-treatment control of HIV reservoirs in infants, children, and adolescents with HIV and leverage expertise for evaluation of vaccines for HIV and related/co-occurring conditions in these populations. 




Priorities include evaluation of:

  • Evaluate whether very early therapy with more potent ART, in combination with bNAbs, limits HIV reservoir establishment in infants and leads to ART-free remission 
  • Evaluate immune-based therapies, including therapeutic HIV vaccines and bNAbs, in children and adolescents with HIV 
  • Examine combined initial therapy with ARVs plus immunotherapies, with and without LRAs, in adolescents and young adults to rapidly induce virologic control and potentiate elicitation of a “vaccinal effect” mediated through antigen-antibody immune complexes 
  • Examine the role of the CNS and T follicular helper CD4+ T cells as sanctuary sites following perinatal HIV infection and develop studies to explore elimination of HIV reservoirs within these anatomic locations 
  • Identify optimal virologic and immunological biomarkers to detect and quantify HIV reservoirs, and predictors of reservoir size and time to viremic rebound

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Committee Contacts

Chair: Deborah Persaud
Vice-Chair: Betsy McFarland
Operations Center: Anne Coletti and Charlotte Perlowski



Up Next:

The IMPAACT Therapeutics Scientific Committee aims to advance treatment during pregnancy and postpartum, aiming to optimize maternal and child health outcomes and accelerate the evaluation (pharmacokinetics (PK), safety, antiviral efficacy), licensure and optimal use of potent and durable ARVs and other therapeutics for pregnant people and infants, children, and adolescents with HIV and related diseases and conditions.