Specimen Repository

Any questions concerning implementation of the Repository Guidelines and prioritization of specimen shipments should be addressed to the IMPAACT Lab Steering Committee at impaact.ilsc@fstrf.org.


Biomedical Research Institute
9410 Key West Avenue, First Floor
Rockville, MD 20850

Phone: (301) 881-7636
Fax: (301) 770-9811
Email: brirepository@afbr-bri.com




Approved IMPAACT Protocols for Specimen Shipments to BRI


IRB Approval Documents


IMPAACT/ACTG Specimen Repository Interactive Search Tool

Investigators are encouraged to take advantage of the large inventory of biological specimens in the IMPAACT and ACTG repositories for new investigations. The specimens stored at the repositories were initially collected for specific HIV-related studies that have concluded and are now publicly available for use. To increase investigator access to these specimens, an interactive search tool is available at the following website: http://www.specimenrepository.org/RepositorySite/home.html. Here, investigators can learn about the types and numbers of specimens available, information about the studies for which they were collected, and what research was published for those studies. The search tool will also provide a report that lists your specimens of interest. You can then use this report to help write your research proposal to the network.

Investigations using biological specimens from completed IMPAACT studies should be proposed via a New Works Concept Sheet (NWCS), which is accessible here: New Works Concept Sheet (NWCS).  Completed NWCSs should be submitted to the IMPAACT Operations Center for review by the IMPAACT network using this email address: impaact.capsubmissions@fstrf.org.

More information on the NWCS submission and review processes is available in Section 15 of the network Manual of Procedures here.