2017 IMPAACT Annual Meeting Complications & Comorbidities Scientific Committee presentations

Complications and Co-Morbidities Scientific Committee

Wednesday, 31 May

Neurodevelopment and Mental Health

Neurovirology of HIV Infection: New Directions for Clinical Research

Avi Nath

Update on IMPAACT NWCS 604 (Early Investigator Award)

David Bearden

Update on IMPAACT P1104s/ PROMISE (1077BF)/ Neurodevelopmental sub-study findings

Michael Boivin
Miriam Chernoff

Update on IMPAACT 2002: Combined Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and a Medication Management Algorithm for Treatment of Depression among Youth Living with HIV in the United States


Larry Brown

Update on IMPAACT 2016: Evaluating a Group-Based Intervention to Improve Mental Health and ART Adherence in Adolescents Living with HIV in Low Resource Settings


Geri Donenberg

Metabolic and Infectious Complications

Cardiovascular Complications of HIV Infection? Lessons learned from other inflammatory conditions in children and adolescents


Elaine Urbina

IMPAACT P1072 Secondary Analysis Results

Adriana Weinberg

Updates on RSV Studies: IMPAACT 2011, 2012, 2013

Betsy McFarland
Coleen Cunningham