HIV Cure

The IMPAACT HIV Cure Scientific Committee aims to evaluate the potential for HIV cure through therapeutic interventions directed at prevention and clearance of HIV reservoirs in HIV-infected infants, children and adolescents. Due to the known timing of acute infection in newborns and potentially stronger immune systems in youth, interventions to achieve a cure or functional cure are promising in these populations. Priorities include evaluation of:

  • Whether very early therapy with intensified combination antiretroviral therapy (ART), that includes agents that block virus entry and/or integration, prevents HIV reservoir establishment in infants.
  • Unique cohorts of HIV-infected children and youth likely to achieve cure through interventions that stimulate latent proviruses and enhance HIV-specific immunity.
  • Immune modulatory agents, including therapeutic HIV vaccines, virus activation or target cell modification strategies to affect cure in perinatally and behaviorally infected youth on long-term suppressive combination ART.
  • Active and passive HIV-specific immunizations for intrapartum and postpartum PMTCT as well as HIV-specific vaccines as therapeutic immunization.

Committee Contacts

Chair: Deborah Persaud
Vice-Chair: Betsy McFarland
Operations Center: Anne Coletti and Charlotte Perlowski


Studies Within This Research Area