AIDS 2020

The IMPAACT Network proudly presented seven abstracts at the AIDS 2020 conference: three as oral presentations and four as poster presentations. Studies presented included P1025P1093P1078/TB APPRISEP1104sIMPAACT 2002, and ACTG5300/IMPAACT 2003 (PHOENIx).

Presentations will be added as we are given permissions and/or access from IAS.

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23rd International AIDS Conference, 6-10 July 2020

Protocol Title Authors Presentation Type,  Time


Plasma Exposure-Viral Load Response Analysis for Dolutegravir in Children with HIV-1: Results from IMPAACT P1093


Singh R, Acosta E, Buchanan A, Green J, Brothers C, Wiznia A, Alvero C, Farhad M, Bartlett M, Popson S, Townley E, Hazra R, George K, Ruel T, Vavro C, Baker M, and the P1093 Team

Oral presentation


Risk Factors for Hepatotoxicity in HIV-infected Women Receiving Isoniazid preventive Therapy in Pregnancy and Postpartum


Gupta A, Aaron L, Theron G, McCarthy K, Bradford S, Chipato T,
Vhembo T, Stranix-Chibanda L, Onyango-Makumbi C, Masheto GR, Chakhtoura N, Jean-Phillippe P, Browning R, Sterling T, Weinberg A, Montepiedra G, for the IMPAACT P1078 Study Team

Oral presentation


Prevalence and Incidence of Tuberculosis Infection and Disease Among Household Contacts Exposed to Rifampin-resistant/Multidrug resistant Tuberculosis (RR/MDR-TB)


Gupta A, Wu X, Kim S, Naini L, Hughes M, Dawson R, Gaikwad S,  Sanchez J, Mendoza A, Smith B, Shah S, Hesseling A, Churchyard G, Swindells S for the ACTG/IMPAACT PHOENIx feasibility study team

Oral presentation


Site-Randomized Controlled Trial of a Combined Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and a Medication Management Algorithm for Treatment of Depression among Youth Living with HIV in the United States


Brown L.K., Chernoff M, Kennard B.D., Emslie G.J., Shapiro D.E., Lypen K, Buisson S, Weinberg A, Whiteley L.B., Traite S, Krotje C, Harriff L, and Townley E for the IMPAACT 2002 team

Poster Presentation


Associations of Nevirapine-based ART Regimens with Neuropsychological Outcomes in HIV-positive Children

Fairlie L, Chernoff M, Cotton MF, Bwakura-Dangarembizi M, Violari A, Familiar-Lopez I, Barlow-Mosha L, Kamthunzi P, McCarthy K,
Jean-Philippe P, Laughton B, Palumbo PE, Boivin MJ

Poster presentation



Twenty-Four-Week Safety, Tolerability and Efficacy of Dolutegravir Dispersible Tablets in Children 4 Weeks to <6 years Old With HIV: Results From IMPAACT P1093


Ruel T, Farhad M, Alvero C, Acosta E, Singh R, George K, Montanez N, Popson S, Bartlett M, Dayton D, Anthony P, Buchanan A, Brothers C, Vavro C, Koech L, Vhembo T, Hazra R, Townley E, Wiznia A, and the P1093 Team

Poster presentation


Hospitalization is Associated with Seroconversion to Parainfluenza and Respiratory Syncytial Virus in HIV-Exposed, Uninfected Infants Born in the United States

Smith C, Huo Y, Patel K, Getters K, Van Dyke R, Weinberg A,
IMPAACT P1025 and PHACS SMARTT study teams

Poster presentation