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IMPAACT at R4P 2021


The IMPAACT Network will present data from IMPAACT P1112 and IMPAACT 2009 at the 4th HIV Research for Prevention (HIVR4P) Conference, held virtually from 27-28 January and 3-4 February.

IMPAACT P1112 is an open-label, dose-escalating, phase I multicenter trial to determine the safety and pharmacokinetics (PK) of VRC01, VRC01LS, and VRC07-523LS when given to HIV-1 exposed infants. This presentation describes safety and PK results from the first cohort enrolled to the VRC07-523LS dose group: infants who were not breast fed and received a single dose at birth. These results will be presented during the Clinical March of bNAbs oral abstract session on Wednesday, 27 January, 12:30-1:30 PM EST.
IMPAACT 2009 is a study of the PK, feasibility, acceptability, and safety of oral PrEP for primary HIV prevention during pregnancy and postpartum in young women and their infants. This presentation compliments the primary PK Component findings in Clinical Infectious Diseases by describing site experiences with successful implementation of Directly Observed Therapy. 

Presentations will be available following the conference here on our website.