2016 IMPAACT Annual Meeting Tuberculosis Scientific Committee Presentations

TB Scientific Committee

Monday, June 13, 2016

2016 Updates from the Tuberculosis Scientific Committee and PHOENIx, a Trial of MDR-TB Prevention in Households

Anneke Hesseling and Amita Gupta

TB Trials in Adults and Opportunities for Children and Pregnant Women for MDR-TB, DS-TB

Kelly Dooley

Emerging Data on Key Second Line TB drugs in Children: Levofloxacin and Amikacin (Contact IMPAACT Operations Center)

Tony Garcia-Prats

Designing a MDR-TB Injectable Sparing Regimen in Children: Research Priorities, Design Considerations and Discussion

Anneke Hesseling and Simon Schaaf

Application of Pharmacometrics to TB PK Studies in Children and Pregnant Women – Case Based Experiences

Rada Savic

TB Biomarkers and Applications for TB Prevention Trials (Contact IMPAACT Operations Center)

Thomas Scriba

Utility of IGRAs in HIV-exposed and Infected Children in the IMPAACT P1041 TB Prevention Trial (Contact IMPAACT Operations Center)

Lisa Cranmer