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News from CROI 2024

Researchers from the IMPAACT Network presented data during three oral and twelve poster presentations at the 2024 Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections (CROI), held from 3 to 6 March 2024 in Denver, Colorado, USA.

Presentations and posters from the IMPAACT Network are listed below. Digital copies of presentations and posters will be hyperlinked when available. For the full conference program, visit the CROI website

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The Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections (CROI) provides a forum for scientists and clinical investigators to present, discuss, and critique their investigations into the epidemiology and biology of human retroviruses and associated diseases.

Press Releases

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Children Surpass a Year of HIV Remission after Treatment Pause

Four children have remained free of detectable HIV for more than one year after their antiretroviral therapy (ART) was paused to see if they could experience HIV remission. The children, who acquired HIV before birth, were closely monitored in IMPAACT P1115 for safety and HIV viral suppression. The outcomes reported follow planned ART interruption once the children met predefined virological and immunological criteria.
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Long-Acting HIV Treatment Benefits Adults w/Barriers to Daily Oral & Adolescents with Suppressed HIV

Long-acting, injectable antiretroviral therapy (ART) suppressed HIV replication better than oral ART in people who had previously experienced challenges taking daily oral regimens and was found to be safe in adolescents with HIV viral suppression, according to data from ACTG 5359 (LATITUDE) and IMPAACT 2017 (MOCHA) presented at CROI.

Oral & Poster Presentations

Oral Presentations

Below are oral presentations given during CROI 2024 listed by title. When digital copies are available, they will be hyperlinked. 

Long-Acting Cabotegravir Plus Rilpivirine in Adolescents with HIV: Week 24 IMPAACT 2017 Study

PDF: Long-Acting Cabotegravir Plus Rilpivirine in Adolescents with HIV: Week 24 IMPAACT 2017 Study

Protocol: IMPAACT 2017/ MOCHA

Authors: Gaur A, Capparelli E, Baltrusaitis K, Marzinke M, Harrington C, McCoig C, Crauwels H, Townley E, Moye J, Buisson S, Violari A, Ounchanum P, Krotje C, Bolton Moore C, IMPAACT 2017 Team

Hypertension in a Randomized Trial of DTG vs EFV-based ART in Pregnant and Postpartum Women

PDF: Hypertension in a Randomized Trial of DTG vs EFV-based ART in Pregnant and Postpartum Women

Protocol: IMPAACT 2010/VESTED

Authors: Hoffman R, Brummel S, Pinilla M, Malonga G, Chinula L, Hanley S, Stranix-Chibanda L, Machado ES, Naik S, McCarthy K, Krotje C, Jean-Philippe P, Sax P, Currier J, Lockman S

ART-free HIV-1 Remission in Very Early Treated Children: Results from IMPAACT P1115

Protocol: IMPAACT P1115

Authors: Persaud D, Coletti A, Nelson BS, Jao J, Capparelli E, Costello D, Tierney C, Kekitiinwa AR, Nematadzira T, Njau BN, Moye J, Jean-Philippe P, Bryson Y, Chadwick EG, for the IMPAACT P1115 Study Team

Poster Presentations

Below are poster presentations given during CROI 2024 listed by protocol/team. When digital copies are available, they will be hyperlinked. 


1077BF: Breast Milk Reservoir, Tenofovir levels and HIV Transmission Among Breastfeeding Mothers
Owor M, DeMarrais P, Baltrusaitis K, Frenkel LM, Best B, Stranix Chibanda L, Mallewa M, Kamthunzi P, Moodley D, Violari A, Chipato T, Kakayi B, Bhosale R, Fowler MG

IMPAACT Laboratory

Metabolomic Perturbations of Tryptophan and Arginine Metabolites in the Breast Milk of Women With HIV
Tobin NH, Li F, Ferbas KG, Sleasman JW, Kuhn L, Aldrovandi GM, for the ZEBS study team


Pharmacokinetics of Isoniazid Metabolites During Pregnancy and Postpartum
Klein B, Wei Z, Nerguizian D, Gupta A, Weinberg A, Montepiedra G, Morrow M, MaWhinney S, Musoke P, Auripibul L, Masheto G, Bushman L, Anderson PL, Brooks KM

IMPAACT 2019 + P1093

A Single Once Daily ABC/DTG/3TC Tablet Predicts Safe and Effective Exposures in Children 3 to <6kg
Chandasana H, Brooks K, Buchanan AM, Tan L, Mujuru H, Colbers A, Hopking J, Cuiffa M, McKenna M, Wiznia A, Brummel S, Bekker A, Cressey T, Rabie H

Population Pharmacokinetics ABC/DTG/3TC FDC to Support Dosing in Peds with HIV-1 (IMPAACT 2019)
Chandasana H, van Dijkman S, Mehta R, Bush M, Rabie H, Flynn P, Cressey TR, Acosta E, Brooks KM, for the IMPAACT 2019 Protocol Team

Dolutegravir and Growth in Pediatric Populations With HIV-1: IMPAACT P1093 and IMPAACT 2019
McKenna M, Lulic Z, Buchanan AM, Brothers C, Tan L, Wang M, Brummel S, Ziemba L, Ruel T, Flynn PM, Rabie H, Wiznia A


Breast Milk Transfer and Infant Exposures to DTG, TAF, and TFV: Results from IMPAACT 2010/VESTED
Nguyen T, Chae JW, Ziemba L, Coletti A, Knowles K, Johnston B, Jean-Philippe P, Mhembere T, Chawana T, Wabwire D, Korutaro V, Lockman S, Chinula L, Momper J, on behalf of the IMPAACT 2010/VESTED Protocol Team


Cabotegravir PopPK Analysis of Adults & Adolescents Living with HIV or at Risk for HIV Receiving PrEP
Lin YW, Cheung SYA, Deprez I, Ford S, Collins J, McCoig C, Harrington C, Gaur A, Bolton C, Stranix-Chibanda L, Hosek S, Marzinke M, Best B, Capparelli E, and IMPAACT 2017 team

IMPAACT 2017 Adolescent/Parent Experiences with LA Cabotegravir Plus Rilpivirine for HIV Treatment
Lowenthal ED, Chapman JC, Zapata Vaca M, Ward S, Milligan R, Camacho-Gonzalez A, Masheto G, McCoig C, Ace A, Van Solingen R, Yin D, Buisson S, Bolton C, Gaur A, IMPAACT 2017 Team


Proviral Landscape in Neonates with In Utero HIV-1 on Very Early ART in IMPAACT P1115
Bekka SK, Khetan P, Liu Y, Dhummakupt A, Nelson BS, Tierney C, Chadwick E, Jao J, Bryson Y, Coletti A, Nicodimus N, Stranix-Chibanda L, Lee GQ, Ray S, Persaud D

DR 835 (PACTG 300, 353, 356, 358, and 386; IMPAACT P1069 and P1106; and Early Infant HIV Treatment in Botswana study)

Lamivudine (3TC) Dosing for Preterm Neonates Exposed to HIV
Bekker A, Capparelli EV, Mirochnick M, Clarke DF, Cotton MF, Shapiro R, McCarthy K, Moye J, Violari A, Chokephaibulkit K, Abrams E, Penazzato M, Ruel T, Cressey TR


Maternal and Pregnancy Outcomes in Women Initiating and Declining PrEP in Pregnancy: IMPAACT 2009
Chi BH, Kacanek D, Brown E, Amico KR, Huang S, Nematadzira T, Horne E, Nakabiito C, Mambiya SK, Korutaro V, Johnson B, Rooney JF, Spiegel H, Stranix-Chibanda L, on behalf of the IMPAACT 2009 team