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Pharmacokinetics and Safety of Remdesivir for Treatment of COVID-19 in Pregnant and Non-Pregnant Women in the United States

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What is IMPAACT 2032?

IMPAACT 2032 is a Phase I prospective, open-label, non-randomized opportunistic pharmacokinetic (PK) study of remdesivir in pregnant and non-pregnant women of childbearing potential for treatment of COVID-19. Women hospitalized for COVID-19 and receiving remdesivir as part of their clinical care (i.e., outside of the study) will be enrolled at study sites located in the United States. The study will describe the PK of remdesivir and its metabolite, GS-441524, and the clinical and laboratory safety outcomes through four weeks after the last administration of remdesivir and, for pregnant women, during delivery.

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