Our Mission

Our mission is to improve health outcomes for infants, children, and adolescents as well as pregnant and postpartum people who are impacted by or living with HIV by evaluating novel treatments and interventions for HIV and its complications for tuberculosis and other related complications.

IMPAACT Network Manual of Procedures Version 5.0 is Now Available

The IMPAACT Network has updated and finalized Version 5.0 of the Network Manual of Procedures (MOP), dated 31 May 2024. Individual sections and a combined version are now available. Please refer to the “Overview of Section Contents and Summary of Changes” for information on key updates incorporated into the sections.

IMPAACT Network Manual of Procedures Version 5.0 is Now Available

Research Areas

The IMPAACT Network is committed to conducting high-quality clinical trials that will advance the prevention and treatment of HIV and its complications for infants, children, adolescents, and pregnant/postpartum people globally. Our research agenda includes four scientific specific aims.

IMPAACT Community Engagement

Community participation and engagement are critical in the conduct of scientific research. There is mutual benefit to communities and researchers when both parties work together throughout the scientific research process. In the IMPAACT Network, community participation occurs throughout the network, community and site levels through various mechanisms that include representation on the network committees, protocols teams and cross network community activities.

Mom with child

Research Sites

IMPAACT is a global network with sites all over the world in 12 countries.

Map of Sites
52 Sites
12 Countries
4 Continents