2016 Annual Meeting Presentations

IMPAACT Presentations

Joint Plenary

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

NIAID: State of the Institute and Priorities in HIV/AIDS Research

Anthony Fauci

IMPAACT State of the Network

Sharon Nachman

Optimizing Treatment for Children and Adolescents: The Power of Now

Martina Penazzato


IMPAACT Plenary (1)

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Update on IMPAACT Research Agenda: Scientific Committee’s Priorities & Accomplishments

Sharon Nachman

Targeted and Long-acting cART—A Systems Approach to Overcome Drug Insufficiency in Lymphatic Tissues and Cells (Contact IMPAACT Operations Center)

Rodney JY Ho

A5300/I2003/PHOENIx Preparatory Study of MDR TB Cases and Their Household Contacts: Operational Feasibility to Inform PHOENIx Trial (Contact IMPAACT Operations Center)


Amita Gupta


Study Coordinators Meeting

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

MediData Rave Q&A

Mary Wojcik-Cross and Marlene Cooper

Round-Table Discussions

This session included two, sequential, 30-min roundtable discussions

Clinical Quality Management Plan (CQMP)



Bariatu Smith

Intensive PK



Emily Barr and Deb McLaud

Adherence Strategies



Nishi Suryavanshi and Nasreen Abrahams

Study Activation



Katie McCarthy

Protocol Template



Anne Coletti

Enrolling into P1115, P1112, and/or P1110



Joan Coetzee

Transitioning participants from study to non-study care



Sukunena Maturure and Mercy Mutambanengwe

IMPAACT Site Overviews

Emory Univ SOM (5030)



Bridget Wynn and Alexis Daugherty

Baylor-Uganda (31798)



Violet Korutaro

Desmond Tutu TB Centre (31790)



Frieda Verheye-Dua

Kenya Medical Research Institute (5121)



Samwel Chirchir


IMPAACT Plenary (2)

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Mothers, Milk and Microbes: How To Make Healthy Babies (Contact IMPAACT Operations Center)

Grace Aldrovandi

Statistical Issues in IMPAACT Studies

David Shapiro

Medidata Rave and CDISC: Implementation Update

Marlene Cooper


TB Scientific Committee

Monday, June 13, 2016

2016 Updates from the Tuberculosis Scientific Committee and PHOENIx, a Trial of MDR-TB Prevention in Households

Anneke Hesseling and Amita Gupta

TB Trials in Adults and Opportunities for Children and Pregnant Women for MDR-TB, DS-TB

Kelly Dooley

Emerging Data on Key Second Line TB drugs in Children: Levofloxacin and Amikacin (Contact IMPAACT Operations Center)

Tony Garcia-Prats

Designing a MDR-TB Injectable Sparing Regimen in Children: Research Priorities, Design Considerations and Discussion

Anneke Hesseling and Simon Schaaf

Application of Pharmacometrics to TB PK Studies in Children and Pregnant Women – Case Based Experiences

Rada Savic

TB Biomarkers and Applications for TB Prevention Trials (Contact IMPAACT Operations Center)

Thomas Scriba

Utility of IGRAs in HIV-exposed and Infected Children in the IMPAACT P1041 TB Prevention Trial (Contact IMPAACT Operations Center)

Lisa Cranmer


Complications and Co-Morbidities Scientific Committee

Monday, June 13, 2016

Neurodevelopment and Mental Health

Biomarkers and HAND: What can ICAM-5 tell us about the immune system? (Contact IMPAACT Operations Center)

Harris A. Gelbard

Update on IMPAACT P1104s

Michael J. Boivin

Update on Study Development of Inflammation and Neurodevelopment

Adriana Weinberg

Update on IMPAACT P1080 (Contact IMPAACT Operations Center)

Brookie Best

Update on IMPAACT 2002

Larry Brown

CAP 519: Evaluating a Mental Health Intervention to Improve Mental Health Outcomes in HIV-Infected Adolescents in Low Resource Settings

Geri Donenberg

Metabolic and Infectious Complications

Update on IMPAACT P1063

Ann Melvin

Update on IMPAACT P1076 (Contact IMPAACT Operations Center)

George Siberry

Update on IMPAACT 2011, 2012, 2013 (Contact IMPAACT Operations Center)

Betsy McFarland


Treatment Scientific Committee

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Welcome/Overview of Treatment Scientific Agenda

Elaine Abrams and Ted Ruel

Early Infant Treatment

The Present and Future of Early Infant Treatment (Contact IMPAACT Operations Center)

Martina Penazzato


Pharmacokinetics of Nevirapine for Prophylaxis in Premature/Low Birth Weight Infants in IMPAACT P1106 (Contact IMPAACT Operations Center)

Adrie Bekker

Modelled Treatment Dosing and Preliminary Pharmacokinetic and Safety Data from IMPAACT P1115 and BHP-074

Brookie Best

Nevirapine Dosing in High Risk Thai Infants (PHPT-5) (Contact IMPAACT Operations Center)

Tim R. Cressey


Neonatal Population Pharmacokinetic Data from IMPAACT P1097, P1110, and P1066 (Contact IMPAACT Operations Center)

Diana Clarke

Pharmacokinetics and Safety Data from IMPAACT P1110 Cohort 2, Infants Receiving Daily Dosing (Contact IMPAACT Operations Center)

Diana Clarke


Pregnancy/Washout Pharmacokinetic Data and Congenital Anomalies from IMPAACT P1026s (Contact IMPAACT Operations Center)

Mark Mirochnick

Dosing in IMPAACT P1093 Cohort III, Granules Among Children 2 to 6 years of age (Contact IMPAACT Operations Center)

Ted Ruel

Upcoming IMPAACT Treatment Studies


Paul Palumbo

New Lopinavir/Ritonavir Formulation (Contact IMPAACT Operations Center)

Marc Lallemant


Judy Currier

Discussion, Conclusions, and Next Steps

Elaine Abrams and Ted Ruel


Cure Scientific Committee

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Welcome and Overview of Cure Committee Activities (Contact IMPAACT Operations Center)

Deborah Persaud

IMPAACT P1115 Update (Contact IMPAACT Operations Center)

Ellen Chadwick

Enlisting Effector Cells to Clear HIV Infection

David Margolis

Repeated TLR7 Agonist Treatment of SIV-Infected Monkeys on ART Can Induce Viral Remission (Contact IMPAACT Operations Center)

James Whitney and Romas Geleziunas

Virus-Specific T Cells after Transplant: Broadening Applicability to HIV

Michael Keller


Prevention Scentific Committee

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Primary Prevention in Adolescents and Youth – ARV Strategies

PrEP Drug Pipeline – What Lies Beyond Truvada®? (Contact IMPAACT Operations Center)

Raphy Landovitz

Study update: IMPAACT 2009 - Pharmacokinetics, Adherence, Feasibility and Safety of Daily Tenofovir Oral PrEP During Pregnancy and Breastfeeding

Ben Chi

Immune Strategies for HIV Prevention

Getting to Zero - HIV Vaccines to Eliminate the Pediatric HIV-1 Epidemic

Sallie Permar

Study update: IMPAACT 2004 – Phase I Study to Determine Safety and Immunogenicity of Clade C ALVAC-HIV (vCP2438) in HIV-Exposed Infants

Sallie Permar

Study update: IMPAACT P1112 - Phase 1 Study to Determine Safety and PK Parameters of VRC01 in HIV-Exposed Infants (Contact IMPAACT Operations Center)

Coleen Cunningham

CAP 523: Alternative Vaccine Candidate CH505 (Contact IMPAACT Operations Center)

Giny Fouda

Prevention of Vertical Transmission of HIV

Study update: IMPAACT 1077 (PROMISE)

Mary Glenn Fowler

Next Steps for PMTCT

Maxie Owor


Adherence Working Group

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Welcome and Year in Review (Contact IMPAACT Operations Center)

K. Rivet Amico and Sybil Hosek


Amita Gupta


Lynda Stranix-Chibanda


Benjamin Chi

CAP 515: Acceptability of Long Acting Injectable Antiretrovirals for Adolescents and Children (Contact IMPAACT Operations Center)

Elizabeth Lowenthal


Judy Currier

Goals for 2016-2017 (Contact IMPAACT Operations Center)

K. Rivet Amico


IMPAACT Community Advisory Board